farfalla zero dosage
Blend: 80% 2018 vintage wines, 20% fine reserve wines.
Blend: 80% 2017 vintage wines, 20% fine reserve wines.
Blend: 80% 2016 vintage wines, 20% fine reserve wines.
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Farfalla Zero Dosage is the fruit of the best expression of an iconic vine and an extraordinary terroir. Only Pinot Noir grapes from the company’s historic vineyards grown at over 400 meters above sea level on soils with a predominantly calcareous structure from by now ancient vines with low individual productions in small and compact clusters. Years of bottle aging to achieve a natural balance between the important acid structure, the austere body and palatal persistence.


VSQ Pinot Nero Classic Method Pas Dosé


Pinot Noir

Average age of vineyards:

30 years

Grape harvest:

Traditional by hand in 18 kg crates


Soft pressing of the whole grapes to obtain and ferment only 45% of the free-run must at a controlled temperature. Aging in steel tanks until spring on its own yeasts.

Secondary fermentation:

Assembling the Cuvée using, together with the vintage wines, a good 35% of reserve wines from the same vineyards to give complexity and uniqueness. Tirage with selected yeasts in the company and bottle aging for at least 40 months, until natural balance is reached. Disgorgement without the addition of expedition liqueur and a further 2 months of evolution before being put on the market.


0,75 l – 1,5 l