The name derives from a vineyard so called for its particular shape that recalls, in the cadastral view, the two wings of a butterfly.

In reality, the two adjacent vineyard portions have a vaguely triangular shape and are connected to each other in a common vertex for a short distance.

The vineyard, with an area of about 1.5 ha, is located in the upper part of the San Biagio hill, on the border of the municipality of Calvignano, lying in ritocchino, with a gradient of more than 25%, on the north-west hillside between 250 and 300 meters above sea level, on predominantly calcareous soil, rich in skeleton and with the presence of sand and silt.

At the beginning of the Noir Collection project, we carried out a careful evaluation of the base wines derived from the different types of vineyards grown at different altitudes, exposures and soils.
The superior qualitative potential of the base wines derived from the vineyard called Farfalla was immediately evident.

For the first years the production of our Classic Method was therefore elaborated exclusively from the grapes of this parcel.

Today, only grapes corresponding to our strict standards are selected for the Cuvée Farfalla, which include: altitude, type of soil, vineyard exposure, age and type of clone.

Our vines are conducted respecting the vegetative cycle of the plant and the natural characteristics of the soil, with the aim of producing perfectly healthy grapes and wines that reflect the identity of our land.

Now, as then, our Blanc di Noirs continue to keep the name “Butterfly” as a guarantee of continuity and to remember the origin of the adventure.

This is just the beginning of a path that we have ambitiously chosen to follow: differentiate ourselves through strict qualitative rules.