Traditional Method Brut

This cuvée, created with endless care and according to the strictest company tradition, celebrates the intensity, harmony and particular elegance of the sensory expression of Pinot Noir grapes.

Rosé Sparkling Wine Brut Sans Année

pure Pinot Noir

Average vineyard age:
18 years

Grape harvest:
Traditional by hand, in crates.

Gentle pressing of whole grapes to obtain and ferment only 50% of first pressings at a controlled temperature. Ageing in steel tanks until spring on its own yeasts.

Prise de mousse:
The cuvée is created by blending current vintage wines with 10% wines from older vintages aged in magnum bottles to provide complexity and uniqueness.
Tirage with yeasts selected within the company and ageing on the yeasts for at least 24 months.
Dégorgement and a further 3 months of evolution before being offered for sale.

Notes for tasting:
An important Classic Method Rosé with light hints of peach, with a lively, fine and evanescent foam, a particularly fruity, rich, complex and enticing bouquet, persistent and balanced on the palate.